summer essentials

summer essentials

Hello my friends!!! I have no doubt that my fashion forward friends have got their summer stuff long before summer came. 
Here in Bangkok, it rains and floods. That is our summer! Sun and Rain!
So I have prepared for this weather :
A pair of nude (yeah, leopard is the new nude :)) Melissa and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania plastic flats with double bows

A good pair of goggles and 1 piece swimming suit

Some flowers in my house which I enjoy wrapping in beautiful paper and ribbons

A nice pair of Havaianas flipflops (without back straps, of course:))

Sun glasses

A straw hat with holes

And a straw hat without holes because sometimes I don’t like to have leopard marks after the sun!

Enjoy a stroll in the park nearby!
Have a lovely weekend!
Love and sunshine,
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  1. TRAN Thu Hang at 11:35 am

    My dear friend Sacramento! I feel so bad I couldn’t reply to your comment as soon as you left it.
    Its your constant visit to my blog that keeps it alive. I feel I am in good company.

    Big kisses for a fabulous week!

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