all the blue stars

all the blue stars

Good morning my friends! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was wonderful because my little son turned 2! So I have been living in awesomeness of motherhood for 2 years. Time does fly!
Some snapshots during my hectic morning to share with you and wish you all a beautiful week ahead!
I made these earrings long time ago and I am so happy to find this blouse to wear with them
Me, this morning! My son kept pulling the earrings when I was holding him, so the earrings ended up in my bag. I put them on again in office 😀
Silk skirt is perfect for this boiling weather

These days I often found myself in a situation that I need to walk and my shoes are fabulously uncomfortable. I decided to invest more in kitten heels or anything that are pretty and comfy.
I keep my lipstick and those blue earrings here: A leather pouch with a green eyed owl.

Last but not least, this MonSooner or Later NL I45 nail polish from OPI is terrific!!!
Wearing Zara blouse, skirt and shoes, DIY earrings, Prada bag, BVL watch. 
On face Bobbi Brown Nectar lipstick and blush.
Love and sunshine,
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  1. sacramento at 3:12 pm

    Happy birthday to your darling son.
    You look so fabulous in clashing blue prints. I love the pretty purse and shoes.
    The orange OPI nail polish is amazing.
    OPI hasn´t arrived ti Spain yet…crazy I know, heheheheh. I will have to wait and get it when in England.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 2:08 pm

    Thank you very much Sacramento!

    You know in developing countries all things USA are imported in and quickly enjoy huge consumption because there are seldom or no equivalent local product while in Europe there are so many things to choose from.
    I am looking forward to my coming vacation in Europe 🙂

    Have a beautiful summer!

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