Broken glass dress

Broken glass dress

I’ve got this interesting Hussein Chalayan dress quite some time ago thanks to a fashion lover friend. I am so much in love with it that I couldn’t give it away because I couldn’t get my skinny butt inside and even if I could, its transparency would prevent me from wearing it without a half slip. I can never pull it off like the model below… Argh!
Broken glass picture printed on silver lamé fabric. There are broken plastic pieces stitched to the tube plastic collar. Very dramatic in away.

Racer back of the same fabric without print. Very modern design, how could I not fall in love with it?
So I decided to chop the dress and make a matching sling bag out of it.
First I wanted to chop it horizontally so I could have more fabric for a bigger bag (or something else) but then in order to fit in my skinny behind, I would have to cut too much fabric, the dress would be ungraciously wearable which is absolutely not my goal. I want everything to be nice 🙂

Here, I cut it asymmetrically, sewed the 4 triangles together, stitched in a leather flap and two little loops. 
I used the dress’s lining to make lining for the bag. We should not throw anything away. Sometimes stinginess helps creativity :))

I sewed in a zipper to make it a more secured bag and a tiny pocket to slide in my mobile.

Don’t you think my strap is gorgeous? I do! It’s a dog chain, perfect length and size, plus a super mini price tag. 
First I wanted to use a strap from another lovely clutch but it didn’t seem right. I prefer the dog chain.

I always prefer a bag that hold its shape, so I used interfacing for fabric and felt lining inside.
Also, to give my bag a butt to sit on, I stitched 2 small seams on each side (see above)
I can’t wait to pair my newly altered dress with my patent leather leggings and this sling bag.
Have a nice time DIY!
With love and sunshine,
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  1. sacramento at 1:42 am

    Sooooooooooooo Perfect hang.
    Love, love it.
    Much love.
    Have you thought of adding your own blogroll to your PERFECT blog??? There is a gadget for it.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 2:35 pm

    Sacramento my dear friend! Of course I want my blog to look as reader friendly and as beautiful as yours. I will search the gadgets to have blogroll and other nice things too.

    Thank you so much for reading and giving me courage!


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