Staying young and attractive is one of human being’s biggest dreams. Some people reach for the help of medication, others ask for help from plastic surgeons. Not long time ago, I met a girl whose breakfast was a handful of collagen pills. Her mother has been feeding her like that since she was 8 to prevent natural aging process. Some crazy mother even gave a breast enhancement voucher to her daughter on her 7th birthday. Those craziness do annoy me but we’re living in a free world, I suppose I should not comment further.
However, I do think of fashion as a way to help people staying young, attractive and above all, true to ourselves. With the immense choice of outerwear, underwear and make-up, we definitely have a supreme freedom to express ourselves and at the end of the day, sleep well in the bodies we were born in.
For me, age is a collection of beautiful memories you have with your loved ones. The older you get, the bigger and more valuable your collection is. So why should we be worry about the sign of age? Just live happily and build our precious collections!
On my passage through the jungle of blogs, I met this wonderful lady – Mis Papelicos – who impressed me by her style and passion for life. Above all, she showed me that fashion is not a question of money and let it be ruled by the youth in your heart!

Enjoy your day and stay your youthful self because everyone else is taken!
With love from Bangkok!
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  1. sacramento at 2:33 pm

    Wow Hang, you have me in tears…
    I am so touced and proud.
    I am lucky to have found you.
    You are the most precious of gem, because you can see deep into the soul.

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 3:09 pm

    The pleasure is mine, Sacramento! I am the lucky girl who found a blog mentor to look up to.
    If you ever pass by Bangkok, please don’t forget I am here!

    ((((((Biggest and warmest hugsss))))))))

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