oh my Prada’s!

oh my Prada’s!

The Prada shop in Emporium shopping center, Bangkok had been under renovation for quite some time. Finally it was opened again. I felt the obligation to visit one of my favorite brands and I was so delighted to discover that their prices here are just as same as they are in Paris!!!! Yeah! So why have to wait for Paris? 
I was really surprised that Prada manages to maintain its price tag here. As for Hermès, you can easily get a business round trip to Paris plus a bag for the price of that bag in Bangkok. And if your beloved bag is bought, you’ll have to be on waiting list for at least 6 months. Some other items such as porcelain will never be replaced once bought and they have only one set of each model.
Prada’s window. 
The greenish bag on the right, which is slightly smaller than its original version in beige, is especially resized for Thailand’s shop. We asian girls are smaller in size obviously :))
I found that bag elegant as well. However, it doesn’t have a secure closing system so I just forget it.
There are 2 zippers at each side of the bag but the main compartment has no zipper. For my personal practical reasons, I prefer to have a secure zipper so everything doesn’t fall out as I experienced with my other Louis Vuitton bag.
This is my first Prada bag ever 🙂

What’s inside my new bag? BVL wallet, Lafont sunnies, Ipa Nima coin purse that I use for my compact cosmetics (a Bobbi Brown lipstick, a Bobbi Brown blush and a mirror)

the front. 
I am happy they moved the logo downwards, it’s more discrete and elegant than its previous version with the logo near the zipper. 

the back.
They added an extension hidden inside the zipper. It is not a new thing but it definitely a plus to this simple bag. It is good because it is useful. 
Unlike clothes, bags have to be functional.
Oh, I even got the Prada bear 😀

I always order this angel hair pasta with minced beef bologna sauce for my son, today was my first try and I understood why he finished it every time.
Have a beautiful evening!
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