About me

About me

I guess talking about ourselves when nobody is listening is one of the easiest things, so I just do it and share with you 🙂

I commenced this blog 6 years ago when I first started out as a fashion designer. I thought I should post my work on the internet

so they could reach out to the world. And they did. I had a great Italian friend thanks to my blog. I consider it the most beautiful thing I can get in this era of inforamtion and technology.

I left Vietnam for further studies in France on Fashion and Creation. Since after my master degree, I have been working as a lingerie designer for our company whose products are on the European, North American and Asian markets.

I found it easier for me working like this because I am less attached to the products and I am proud of the turnover. Before, I designed and made all the products by myself, I was so much attached to them that I hardly wanted to sell any of them. I made them all in my size and only one piece each style! As the matter of fact, I ended up with an extensive hand -made wardrobe and zéro profit! I lent my clothes for shootings, some stars and models wanted to borrow them for an appearance but I couldn’t sell at all because my clothes were like my babies J

Now I have my beloved son and lots of products manufactured everyday, I am super happy when they sell J

For the past few months, I have been truly inspired by the world of weblogs, therefore I would like to chime in. Because creativity is the most wonderful asset, the more we share, the more we have. Also, I am sure I’ll have more friends and connections with people of the same interest.

I don’t have the ambition of selling or giving away for exchange of anything on my blog (again, its my baby!), therefore I am much flattered by all the first friends who embrace my style (which has been evolved a lot since) and followed my blog.

Thank you very much, I ‘ll keep posting !

photos from Wild Orchid website in Russia
Have a nice day! Tomorrow is already weekend!
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  1. sacramento at 3:38 pm

    I am with you my dear friend:creativity is the most wonderful asset, the more we share, the more we have.
    I will pass it on , if I may.
    You are fantastic.

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