Sartorial Saturday

Sartorial Saturday

So, I decided I deserve a suit sur mesure for my super stamina refraining myself not to have one since eternity.
The connotation about suits in the region where I live (Bangkok, Saigon and around) is not as same as in other places where the weather is reasonable or unreasonable cold most of the time. 
Because here, we sweat and tan!
Suits here are more of banking business, office or state-own company-like, serious ladies not at all fashionable or chic :))
Anyway, enough of excuses. I had my suit made by a super cool tailor in town and I am more than happy I ‘m now suited up in Super 150’s Made in England stripe fabric ^^

Photo of Rama IX, the King of Thailand when he was younger.

Cherry printed shirts with red garter belts should be the uniform of secretaries 

in the making

I chose my fabric but you can always ask for his advice. The best result is when you’re not in a hurry!
We’re in Asia, so remember, don’t rush and be calm ;))

That was my 2nd fitting and everything was perfect so I took home a jacket, a pair of trousers, a skirt and 5 shirts ^_^

May I introduce Mr.A Song the tailor who makes the best suits in town!!!

This is where you can find his shop. Be careful not to enter other A Song shops because his whole family are tailors and they all share the name A Song from their father!

Besides his kind smile, he can also communicate in English, French and Thai. What can you ask for more from your tailor?
Here are his contact details:
Address: 8 Soi Charoen Krung 38, Bangkok, Thailand
(near the Mandarin Oriental Hotel)
Tel: 02 630 9708 or 02 235 3190 or 02 235 2753
Please click at the title of this post to visit his website
Have a nice sartorial experience!
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