Jatujak weekend market

Jatujak weekend market

I had a real blast this weekend having friends coming over and shopping together ^^
Jatujak market opens at weekends and sells EvErythIng, from copy to original, so you should be prepared!

We are in Thailand, so the first thing is Buddha, all sizes, all shapes 
colourful watches, I like the square black with purple strap but of course I didn’t buy :)) 

Red Bull, Heineken, Tiger, Starbucks…. tank tops

see the empty spaces on the wall? those thongs ‘re in our bags!!!

bargaining is part of the game. I tagged along with this girl because she is the champion!!!!

Clothes are fun to look at but you should know the quality to make your decision. (but don’t expect silk when you pay for the price of polyester)

she even brought her hand fan!!!

me and our shopping bags

I don’t belong to the background hahaha

having lunch right at the market

Roasted chicken and its spicy dipping sauce

little spicy green papaya salad for me

onion and pork sausage salad

spicy minced pork salad

longan drink

noodles with chicken
the key rings shop and its owner

Braided leather belts, my recent weakness

This silver shop is amazing!!!!

nature inspired costume jewelry
Since there are quite many copied products in this market, to avoid buying something fake, go for local designs. 
Thai jewelry has very interesting designs thanks to their rich culture. However, prepare to clean your silver stuff more often because the quality of silver you get in this market and due to the price level, it is not sterling silver.
For jewelry with semi precious stones, you should know a thing or two about stones, otherwise, its hard to decide whether a piece is real or not. Also, most of the time it is all apparently in good condition but after some wear, the stone just come off nicely. Ah!

Our Happy hours started from 9am to 4h30pm ^^
Have a great week ahead. I’ll show you my super finds next time!
Hang is my name 🙂
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