While Thailand has so many desserts to die for, I am still addicted to good european pastry which is not easy to find in South East Asia. Luckily, I live

in Bangkok and there’s a Lenôtre here!

It is  French pastry, so naturally, you can find it in Sofitel Hotel. Otherwise, you can visit very own restaurant on Lang Suan Road, a charming road with many nice restaurants. (click at the title to see their shops and cakes)
Lots of tea to choose from

Sablés and galettes

Assortment of biscuits

This is where you can find Lenôtre at Sofitel Hotel, Bangkok


Black forest




Peach tart

Lemon tart

That was all we had for our weekend treat. I hope there are more choices of pastry over here. Till then, I still drop by Lenôtre every saturday.

Have a good week ahead!

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