This is what I am wearing now: a snake skin printed blouse from Wonder Anatomie (click at the title to see his blog). I saw him at the Bangkok Fashion Fair not so long ago and I was so shy that I didn’t come towards and talk to him. I can’t believe myself… Haizzz
Anyway, I have visited his shop in Siam Center (3rd floor for Thai designers) a few times and each time grabbed myself something. I can’t just visit his shop and go home, his stuff is special. 
From the first look, it might not be so easy to wear everyday without being a punk or gothic. However you can always find something interesting if you really want to buy. For example, this blouse below!
paired with Zara black pumps, buffalo horn bracelet from Nga lacquerware, CHAPS skirt

In this photo, I tied up the ruffles to make floppy sleeves and a bow at the back (like halter neck). I changed

to another pair of Zara’s to give the whole look a softer touch.

Have a nice evening!

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