Eating Easter

Eating Easter

 Last weekend was a gourmet hedonistic weekend for me, started from Friday evening till monday evening….It was great! 🙂
 I had a chance to be back at Tables restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Erawan (Bangkok) where I tasted the most beautiful cheese in my previous post. But this time Wwas for Easter special lunch

Egg benedict, egg with spinach and white truffle, salmon, ceasar salad. 
They came in small portions but endless so you can help yourself to your heart’s content :))

Oysters with onion vinegar sauce or lemon

Mouth cleanser, something like strawberry sorbet, chocolate and caramel but I didn’t get the taste because my son mixed everything together

Fried rice with shrimp, bourguignon beef, salmon and lamb. I finished them all to find out my favourite: the bourguignon beef
Here is my favorite cheese plate in the world (until now)
Vanilla ice cream in strawberry soup

apple tart

chamomille tea

Jung, my son and me. My son took off my necklace to play. He put chocolate on my CK Calvin Klein dress as well. I know I can’t have the best of both worlds, being a good mum and donning nice clothes all the time. I enjoy very much every time I have a chance to go out with my son.
Food were cooked and served right in front of us.
It was a spectacular performance in a toddler’s eyes!
Then we headed to The Sukhothai Hotel for its fabulous chocolate buffet!

                                   Chocolate is everywhere, macaroons, marsh mallows tooooo

    and we got this chicken! Actually we had the egg too but it was eaten up before I could take photo ^^

Their beautiful bunnies

Chocolate photos (except the chicken) are from The Sukhothai hotel’s website and FB, all the rest are mine 🙂

                                                      Have a beautiful evening my friends!

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