Đông Phố Restaurant

Đông Phố Restaurant

One of my must do activities every time I am back to my Vietnam is eating to my heart content all the food that frequently I dream of when I am abroad :))
This time, I more than happy to have the two beautiful sisters with me, sharing the gourmet experience.

Bánh bèo tôm chấy
Tré rau muống
Hến xúc bánh tráng

Bánh cuốn

Chả tôm

Cơm rượu
Chè hạt sen
Me, the birthday girl and her beautiful sister ^^

It doesn’t take much to make people happy, good company is one of it.
….fashion talks between us can last forever…..
They have an impressive shoes collection that every girl dream of

Macaroons in the making

I think I can eat 1 roll alone :))

It seems our dresses share the same color chart with the paintings in the background

Good food, good life!
Love and sunshine,

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