It was a great pleasure and honor to be invited to the Ospitalita’ Italiana Award Ceremony at Swissôtel Park Nai Lert in Bangkok, especially when our beloved Maurizio Menconi was among the award-winning chefs!
Would you agree with me that it is not everyday we can have the best Italian dishes available in one nice place? So I guess you understand why I don’t have so many photos of food :))
 and of course, I also concentrated on being a devoted fan of Chef Maurizio!
He served a soup that make you forget all the lasagna, pasta around you!

I added Italian bread in my list of best bread.

I don’t drink but I guess people didn’t queue up for a tasteless wine.

My gourmet friend Jung!

Good food makes people happy, doesn’t it? 

90% of people in this photo is in black and eating:)

me and the author of my daily outfit photos

I love each of them for different reasons but they all make my life more meaningful in many ways.

these two men control my diet!

even if you don’t love Italians, you have to love their cuisine. Its simple and tasty, no pretension!

Chef Maurizio Menconi and his award. Brilliant!

All the chefs that won the Award of the best Italian restaurants in the world.

Swissôtel Park Nai Lert Hotel’s lobby

my favorite dessert in Chef Maurizio’s new menu at La Scala restaurant in the Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok

Love and good food


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