weekend pleasure

weekend pleasure

Every Saturday morning I buy some flowers for our home. Roses are beautiful but they can last only 3 days in hot weather, so this weekend, I brought home yellow daisies again. They are lovely and fresh the whole week.
After half an hour swimming with our son in Bangkok Dolphins swimming club, we were off to La Scala restaurant for our weekly Italian food indulgence! Yeah! 
I always save some space for this creation of Chef Mauritzio: Tiramisu with a twist, there are little particles that spark in your mouth and passion fruit sorbet, rhasberry sorbet sprinkles on top. The one in the photo above is a small portion!

Last time I ate the jumbo Tiramisu and couldn’t sleep at night because I normally don’t take coffee. So this week, I chose Brownie and got a scoop of strawberry sorbet as compliment ^^
I just came back from British Club. It is a nice place for an easy Sunday. There are swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts, kids’ playground, massage, gym, library…And of course, restaurants. 
We had lunch there but it seems like an unfulfilled hedonism, so on the way home we stopped at Le Nôtre Bakery in Sofitel Hotel to fetch some decent desserts.
The above photo is Strawberry tart. 
and here, Lemon tart

Peach tart

My new favorite: Concerto! I normally take Opera but it turns out that Concerto is better ^^
We also have two Quiche lorraine in the fridge :))
Happy weekend everyone!
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