forever spring

forever spring

I skimmed through some important fashion magazines just to see that they are all about the same things, same people, same events and lots of advertising…These days you can hardly tell one cover to another if you don’t look at the name. There is always a celebrity in expensive clothes and that’s it.
Strange to say, those boring facts reminded me of my trip to our factory earlier this month where I saw lots of colours and indulged myself in nature.
flowers are everywhere…on the ground, up in the sky and surrounds 

green is the colour of life! all should be in green!!!! 
(I did wait for those mangoes to ripe in beautiful yellow though :))

breakfast: this view, tea with milk and cookies ^^

I can’t remember when was the last time I saw a running cock, most of the time they’re cooked. I am so happy I snapped this blurry photo. This cock does run really fast after waking you up at 5h30am everyday!
so this is where we work, I love all the colours here

and we have lunch here. Next time I’ll try to have a place in the little cottage!

meeting and news corner

the best resort in town!!!

eating is a real experience here. They’re all spicyyyyyy!!!!!!!! It seems that chilly is the main food, not rice. So I just show you what I like and consumable:)
First, the beautiful table with dry flowers and miniatures of traditional Thai deserts; all underneath a piece of glass so you can place your cup on top and look at the flowers at the same time.
Second, a miniature wooden bicycle. Yes, I love miniatures ^^
Third, endless baskets of fried food. I know fried food is not so healthy, but I heart the rattan containers.
Last but not least, the whole truck of crackerssss in rainbow colours. Love love love!!!
Oooops, already 1am here, I’m off to bed now. My baby wakes up early. I just bought finger paint in bold colours for him this morning (well, yesterday morning). I’m so excited to show him how beautiful and magical colours are!
Good night my friends!

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