there is always the first time

there is always the first time

It has been 6 years since I started blogging. Just like the title of my blog, fashion seriously came to my life as a surprise and POUM! after 5 years of business school and 2 years of working, I finally decided to restart as a student in fashion design. The change of profession has brought out the girl I have always wanted to be, the job I have always wanted to do. I have never regretted the choice and time as well as effort I have put to change my life.






This is my first collection. I made all the clothes as well as shoes and accessories. All was done in my little studio in HCM city and by the old sewing machine that my mother still use at home now.
However, these gorgeous photos were taken at BH Studio with model Bao Hoa and Tuyet Ngoc, under the direction of Henri and Hilaire Hubert. They were published on Cam Nang Mua Sam for Valentine’s Day. It was a great honor to me as a young designer at the time. Good memories!

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