more mustangs

more mustangs

It’s 19h00 in Bangkok, there are only me and my hubby left in our office. He’s trying to finish his work and me blogging while waiting for him so we can go home together.

So, this is my outfit today. Zara neck to ankle :))

Maybe I work like a horse, thats why I like mustang prints :)))

I am wearing horse print popeline shirt, calf leather bag and white jeans, all by Zara.

So, I’ll make up for the simplicity of my daily outfit by telling you my beauty secrets *wink*

On hair: Shiseido Hair wax Design flex
On face: Kiehls sun block, Shiseido blush and Bobbi Brown lipstick

 Last but not least, my suede Prada sandals. They gave me the good start for the day!

Love and sunshine,

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