here the sun shines again

here the sun shines again

After two days of drastic weather change, Bangkok is back to its normal hot climate. But! Just like in other hot countries, air-conditioning is abused here, so you really need a jacket to work all day in artificial 18°C! 
wearing the only blazer I made for myself quite some time ago, Zara blouse, Melhouse skirt and vintage belt

and here, my new wegdes from CHAPS, a popular fashion brand of Thailand

the thing I love the most is the velvet lace lining of my blazer.
Life has changed so much since I have my little baby boy. I started to make toys and home linen. For myself, I just simply go to Zara and grab some easy pieces to mix them with my existing clothes. Sometimes I miss having free time just to do something for myself

wearing ZARA top, Melhouse skirt, CPS wedges, thrift necklaces, LV bag and Lafont sunglasses

Love and sunshine,


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