Bangkok 18°C

Bangkok 18°C

The city that functions at 32°C suddenly turned 18°C last week. Incredible! I took the chance to play with layers. It was just like Spring in europe ^^ 
posing at the back of my office

having lunch in a super yummy Thai restaurant. They serve

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all kinds of delicious salads that I love… still dreaming of the lychee and shrimp salad…

shopping for my summer wedge

my beautiful friend – Sea – who was so well-equipped for the change of weather! Normally people from South Thailand have to travel up North around Christmas and New Year to have a chance to sport their best “winter” clothes. Now we can all do it in Bangkok!

Sea’s Charles and Keith

My forever-loved Paul Smith. I got this pair in London 2 years ago. I prefer this much more than its new version with a flat bow and binding in the same colorful leather.

the balcony at the back of my office where guys often go to for smoking, taking a cup of coffe, and I, for posing with electric wires :))

wearing Zara oversized shirt, Petit Bâteau slip, vintage leather belt and DIY earrings and necklace.
Last but not least, my permanent Lafont spectacles :))) 
Love and sunshine,
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