mustang print

mustang print

This is the kind of clothes I wear everyday to work.
Sometimes I miss spring and autumn in France where I could play with layers. 
I don’t really miss winter when I could put on even more layers because that cold weather was just unbearable for me.
So, back to the forever summer Bangkok! 
What I put on today was Zara popelin shirt with an interesting horse print (greyish on ivory). The most adorable part of this simple shirt were the 2 little loops that keep your sleeves all day in place (my sweet husband cum lazy photographer refused to take more than 1 photo to capture it:/) 
To keep those mustangs en route I paired them with Prada classic black trousers and Prada leather belt, Louis Vuitton black

leather pumps with logo at the back. Last but not least, Zara black leather oversized envelop clutch.

I am ready for all day running back and forth pattern-makers’ desks and my Wacom drawing board.
Oops, I nearly forget to tell you that I also wear Hermès Kelly Perfum and Bobbi Brown Lipstick, without them, I feel like naked!
Love and sunshine,

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