desserts and flowers

desserts and flowers

Welcome to my world of pleasure!

It’s already weekend for me, in Thailand. So here comes my sweetest things of the weekend besides my family, of course!
Fresh flowers in a candy jar. There are lily, roses and some others cute flowers that I don’t know their names.
more flowers and fruits. I love lotus, especially white ones but they never bloom once being cut from their stems, so I folded in some petals to give them a more lively look.
finish my lunch with camomile and chocolate at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bangkok
Oh, i nearly forget to mention the most beautiful cheese I ‘ve ever eaten ^_^
Wish you all a beautiful and happy weekend!
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  1. Anonymous at 12:21 am

    Hey Hang !

    This cheese is swiss (like me) and is called Tête de Moine (monk’s head) because it’s round and flat ;o). You have to use a special designed knife to cut it like mushrooms…

    A très bientôt ma belle cousine !

  2. TRAN Thu Hang at 5:31 pm

    Sandra! t’es la champion du fromage! Cela me faire envie de retourner au resto “Tables” pour la Tête de Moine! En fait, j’ai échangé un repas là bas pour un repas moleculaire dégeulasse (je regret après, biensûr) que je vais poster bientôt pour partager l’expérience hihihi

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