Preggo ladies on the catwalk

Preggo ladies on the catwalk

Photo: Héo S.Y

9 April 2008 was my big day in France. I had a fashion show in Goethe Institut in Lyon.

It was one of the hundreds of projects I did for my master degree and this very project was actually the only one that could turn me on.

Got to stay up late almost every night of the week trying to make something nice and sexy for pregnant women, out of non woven blouses, diapers and stuff that people use in maternity hospital.

The most wonderful thing that I got out of this exceptional experience was my models: Silviana and Nelly. Their kindness made the burning atmostpere of the backstage cooler.
And I came up with a conclusion: when you are pregnant, you are not sick, you are just stronger!

Here are the little video and photos of my creations

I am so happy and just wanna sleep now…zzzzzzzzzzz….

Love and moonlight,

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  1. Sandra at 11:58 pm

    Coucou et félicitations pour ce joli défilé !

    Tung est en train de récupérer la video de france3, es-tu intéressée ?

    Gros bisous,
    les cousins de Paris : Tung et Sandra

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