The weekend attack

The weekend attack

This is a female shopping bag, inspired by female wonder bra 🙂
Her official name is The Boiler but I wanna call her The weekend attack because my studio was broken into at that time and my lovely canon camera was stolen…argh argh argh…still have not bought a new one…
But since this shopping bag is born, that means girls, shop more and lock your door well 😉
Good luck to all women especially those who like this bag!
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  1. daniel at 8:46 pm

    really good designs…I’m an industrial designer and to be honest fashion is an unexplored world to me…anyway I’n in your blog I don’t know why and I saw all of it in last 10’…I loved your style so much: so feminine and with something “oriental” I cannot understand at all but I’m always attracted by.
    Good fashion! And I’m sure I’ll see your collection also here in Italy soon…

  2. Tran Thu Hang at 1:35 pm

    Thank you Daniel 🙂

    Just got a piece of good news from my colleague in Crumpler and would love to share with you:
    This bag hit the best seller in Crumpler messenger line in Europe this summer.

    I m a happy Monster ;-D

  3. daniel at 5:58 pm

    I was sure about that!
    And that’s why I love designing: it doesn’t matter if you’re from Hochiminh or Florence…a good design is at 95% the same everywhere.
    One of my best friend is in fashion just like you, bags are her passion (last year Tod’s, now LaCoste)…no lovely design like yours…I’m totally honest.
    Ok, stop with compliments! I start workin’ again…ahahahhahahhahah

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